George Haynes

Full Name: George Frederick Haynes
Age: 23

Club: Portreath SLSC
Events: Ironman, Surf Swim, Surf Ski & Paddleboard

World Board Rescue Bronze Medalist 2010
New Zealand Surf Race Champion & Ironman Silver Medalist 2013
European Surf Race & Board Rescue Champion 2013
European Ironman & Board Champion 2011
British Ironman Champion 2013 & 2012
British Surf Ski Champion 2013
British Surf Race Champion 2013 & 2012
British Paddleboard Champion 2012

Goals 2014: World Championship Medal & Coaching Portreath SLSC on the road to Montpelier.

Idol: Simon Garbett, old but still dicing with the young guns
Favourite Food: Chicken Pesto Pasta (organic & freerange)
Hobbies: Art
Fun Time: Twilight Zone & drinking iced Kopparberg at the Old Schoolhouse

Julien Lalanne

Full Name: Julien Thomas Lalanne
DOB : 5-3-1981

Club: Capbreton Sauvetage Cotier (FR), Mount Maunganui (NZ)
Events: Ironman, Surf Swim, Surf Ski & Paddleboard

World championships : surf ski (6 in 2012, 7 in 2010) board (7 in 2012) ironman (10 in 2010 and 2012). 4th taplin and board rescue.  
European board and taplin champion 2011
European Silver medallist ski and ironman 2011
8 national champion : surf race, board race, surf ski race and ironman.
Double ski national champion 2013
French Long distance board paddling champion 2013
3 time new zealand champion : board rescue, surf team and taplin.

Goals 2014: be selected in the french team for rescue 2014, win a medal at rescue 2014 and 2014 nz titles, be national champion.

Idol: Ky Hurst. 
Favourite Food: pasta carbonara
Hobbies: Art, drinking red wine with friends.